blog #4 How to become attractive? 10 tips for seductive cities.

By Nadine Roos

# 1 look tempting
To be sexy, you need your own enticing style and don’t give away everything. Leave something to the imagination.
Seductive cities look amazing. The buildings are photogenic, the squares have an allure and the streets are inviting to stroll along. But a city can’t be captured at a glance. Wandering through the streets you can discover something interesting around each corner.

# 2 live healthy
Take good care of yourself. When you’re healthy, you radiant strength. A healthy city is in balance. She is resilient and doesn’t stand still. At the same time, the city takes care of the well-being of the urbanites. Living healthy is done on multiple levels. For example by exercising and by protecting against harmful elements. Cities where you can easily walk and bike keep you in good shape. Clean streets keep diseases at a bay. And all around the city, the air should be fresh. A lot of cities have work to do in this field to become seductive.

# 3 be playful
Seduce the other by impulsive, creative and crazy surprises. Show that you enjoy life. A desirable city is full of unexpected events. An afternoon in the city can take another direction by a spontaneous encounter. Street artists make you stop and let you be amazed. The city is a stage for everyone’s creativity.

# 4 stand tall
To create a good impression your posture is important. Stand tall and you’ll look confident. Cities reach for the sky. The taller the buildings, the more impressive the city. The skyline is visible from far away and attracts people.

# 5 keep it exciting
To gain the other’s love it’s important to be impulsive. Nothing so boring as predictability. A city that makes you fall in love shows each time a different side to discover. She is full of surprises and heeds the mood of the times. She is adventurous and a little naughty.

# 6 dance
Go crazy and seduce each other by dancing. Sensual from the hips or romantically close to each other. In a city that concurs you, it’s possible to dance to any kind of music. The rhythm takes you along to clubs in the late hours. Makes you forget everything during festivals. Or takes you spontaneously into her arms at a park or a square.

# 7 aphrodisiac
Strawberries dipped in chocolate, tinkling champagne, and adventurous oysters belong to the game of seduction. A seductive city offers all these treats. Sit down on a terrace or dive into one of the restaurants. It’s so pleasant to, once in a while, indulge yourself in all these delicious foods.

# 8 kick off your shoes and relax
It´s lovely to relax together and to do just nothing. Enjoying a lazy afternoon in the park. Spread a picnic blanket, kick off your shoes and let the grass tickle underneath your feet. Give each other a relaxing massage. Cities seduce you with their parks.

# 9 be yourself
Be authentic. Make sure you don’t dissolve in the crowd, but that you stay recognizable.
Cities need their own style. No two cities should look the same. A fantastic city does not only look significant, she also offers a place for birds of paradise, colourful characters and bon-vivants.

# 10 flirt and wink
In a seductive city, there is room for a quick flirtation. A sensual look and a brief caress. A city flirts with her tourists. Smiling together, they pose for a picture. They stroll along for hours. And they party until late at night. But after this casual adventure, suitcases are packed and the tourist goes home to his own city.


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