blog #3 The benefits of love and how cities make you live longer

By Nadine Roos

Love is measurable. When we fall in love, the composition of our blood changes. The amount of the testosterone hormone decreases and the opposite happens with dopamine. We become more caring, happier and less stressed. When love is mutual and becomes a long-lasting warm relationship, it will have even more beneficial effects on you. Your immune system improves, it’s easier to keep a stable weight, and you’ll be fitter. These benefits have in the long run such a positive effect that people in a loving relationship, on average, become older than people without such a relationship.
A seductive city has the same effect on urbanites.

Choice between good and bad
We all want a longer and healthier life. But don’t just dive into a relationship or just start living in a city. A bad relationship will give you worrying troubles. You’ll sleep badly, headaches will press behind your eyes and your blood pressure will jump up. The ingredients to tackle your immune system. The same applies for bad cities. In a city that’s not good for its citizens, people will feel rushed. In a city that doesn’t offer any chances, poverty and despair will rise. And a city that doesn’t look attractive will take everybody along in its gloominess.

Active love
Find a partner and a city that fits you. One which will strengthen you. But once you’ve found it, it’s not ready yet. Cherish your partner. The same is true for the city. That’s why the city needs to be seductive and not only attractive. The city has to be more than a pretty picture. Continuously, she has to make sure urbanites stay in love with her. If that succeeds and the city makes sure you can reach your full potential than the dopamine in your blood will increase. At the same time, the city creates a sense of belonging. Your worries decrease and you’ll have a good night sleep. You wake up fit, keep a stable weight and become smarter. You are happier and look younger. All this together will result in you having a longer and happier life.

Next week: 10 tips for seductive cities


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