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About us

Why should cities be seductive? What’s wrong with just being pragmatic? Why are more and more people moving towards cities? What is it that attracts them?

HUNK-design is a Rotterdam based office for Urban Interventions and Architecture. Our mission is to strive for ruggedly handsome cities. Our designs have to contribute to a positive experience of the urban life.

With this blog, we explore the fundamentals behind seductive cities. What is it that makes them attractive? Why is this so important? What happens if a city is unattractive? And what are the design tools to create cities you can fall in love with?

Nikki Daniëls is a Dutch graphic artist with an urge to understand human experiences and interactions. She focuses on the rising field of environmental psychology at the University of Lund in Sweden. Our experiences are always situated in a physical environment, which shapes our perceptions, intentions and behaviors. In turn, we are constantly shaping the environment as well. Together with HUNK-design she investigates and writes about the urban environment, and how to make it a more sustainable, more playful and utterly enticing place.